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Meet the Filmmakers

Brandon Wood


Brandon is the President of Film It Now Productions. He describes himself as a "filmmaker at heart" and takes inspiration anywhere he can get it, but mostly admires the likes of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. He puts story above everything else, and always tries to come up with fresh ideas.


Geoffry O'Brien

Geoffry is the Vice President of Film It Now Productions. Curious of the behind-the-scenes working of cinema from

an early age, he's always eager to try new visual styles and storytelling methods, and is always ready to build upon

and flesh out fledgling ideas.


Kellen Cunningham

Kellen is an executive producer at Film It Now Productions. Having always had a keen interest in film, Kellen has taken to collaborating on new stories. He served as an Executive Producer on Film It Now's 2014 film, "Inside", took the directing reigns on our most recent release, "This Time Tomorrow", and will serve as Director of Photography for our upcoming short, "The Intervention".